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Individual Voluntary Arrangement – IVA

With payments that start at around £80 per month, IVAs have become a very popular way of reducing up to 80% of your debt burden.

What is an IVA?  Well an IVA is simply an “individual voluntary arrangement”. IVAs were established by government to enable individuals and families to manage their debt. They work by stopping any interest or other charges being added on to the amount you owe. IVAs spread the amount a person owes over a 60 month period to make the monthly payments you make more affordable.

Getting into financial difficulty is naturally distressing and potentially overwhelming too!  However, people with debts may find that they qualify for an IVA which can help get them back on track and reduce their debt burden.

IVAs are legally binding. This means that creditors cannot change their mind and increase the sums people owe to them.

There are no hidden snags to worry about, just one affordable fixed monthly payment every month. Please get in touch with Advance today to see if you qualify.

An Example – Total Debt Owed

Existing monthly payment over 60 months

Monthly payment after IVA applied

Total paid back through IVA

Total debt written off through IVA

No matter what your debt issues may be, Advance has the expertise to make your life a lot easier!

Overdue Bills?

Prices always seem to be on the rise and sometimes life circumstances mean that is can be easy to get behind. Now there’s no need to panic because Advance can pinpoint the best solution for you in a very timely manner. Please get in touch now.

Store Cards

Sometimes, our generosity leads us to spend more than we had planned, particularly when it comes to important seasonal or birthday purchases. But then, monthly interest charges add more and more to the amount that has to be repaid. Why not trust Advance to find the best way to manage your situation.

Settling A Payday Loan Worrying You?

Interest rates increase the repayment burden for people using payday loans. Because of this, some people find themselves having to take out a new loan to settle the previous one. Don’t become a victim of this vicious circle, contact Advance today and let us put your mind at rest!

Struggling with Credit Cards?

For some people it happens gradually, for others, suddenly. But when your credit limit is building up, you still have to pay bills and have difficulty making minimum card payments never mind catching up on your debt – what do you do next? Ask Advance, we’ll show you in strict confidence.

Why Should People I Owe Money To Accept Less Than What I Am Expected To Pay Them?

The simple answer is that some people with financial issues choose to abandon their debt responsibilities.

In these situations, lenders may be left with no repayments.

From their perspective, it makes sense for them via debt management plans and IVAs to arrange receipt of lower payments over a longer period of time rather than no payments at all.

And, it is also important to ensure that a loss assessor is involved in the process to ensure that affordable and timely repayment claims can be achieved particularly when financing office water coolers.

The People I Owe Money To Are Constantly Hassling Me, Can You Stop Them?
Advance work in your interests to address the heart of your debt issue and resolve a way forward that is mutually acceptable for all parties. Once this is concluded, the reason for the calls and letters disappears and your life becomes more bearable once more.
Do I Have To Pay You Any Money?
Advance provide a completely FREE advice service that is highly confidential and comes with zero obligation on your part. Our solutions won’t cost you a single penny!
Do I Have To Lose My Home or Car?
More often than not, debt solutions that Advance can offer you will enable you to retain your assets. However, a few options such as debt relief orders or bankruptcy might require you to relinquish some assets. Expert assessment by Advance will find the right solution for your needs.
But Is There Any Catch In All This?
Absolutely not! Advance look at solutions that also include government Legislative schemes to help you clear your debt in a way that suits you. With FREE advice from Advance, clearing your debts doesn’t have to be a huge burden or a milestone around your neck for life!

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